Have you ever thought about bringing your brand to life within your interior workplace?

Brand Experience is a service line that we offer to ensure your Interiors are brought to life through brand identity and the feeling of a truly reflective workplace interior. This is something that Interior Designers don’t often think about as the traditional approach is to bring character through internal structure and lighting, but we can help you take that a little bit further.

It may be that your organisation is at the start of a brand creation journey or you have a well established identity that you need to further enhance. We offer a range of services from logo design, marketing material, website build and fusion into Interiors by Interior Graphics… no element of Brand Experience is too big or too small for our experts.

We have previously worked within a range of sectors from education to banking, in which we have created logos and brand guidelines as well as way finding and signage schemes. The benefit of a design team that can work with both brand, interiors and strategy is that you are working with industry professionals that have the wider picture in mind. With this we mean that from the very start of our design for you, we already thinking about the potential roll out into a marketing brochure, on to a letterhead or into your building.

Whilst seen as extremely design focussed, strategy does play a part and we would love to work with you and your brand experience to enhance both your in house team experience and visitor and client experience.


You can engage with us at any stage of your brand journey, either from the very beginning or with a well established brand.
You will have a team of both design and strategy experts designing your brand experience.
We can produce guidelines for your brand so that future use of your brand is accurate and reflective of your narrative
You are thinking about the brand experience at the start of your wider business transformation journey.