Often not even thought about until the later stages of your projects

Deployment of signage and way-finding is not only a method of improving orientation and first impressions, but also a method of creating relationships, aids in reminding your people of brand etiquettes and behaviours, and reinforces previous change. Signage is an opportunity to communicate to your community, further expose your identity and the core messages within your brand.

We are so grateful to have worked with fabulous clients in the Government and public sectors, education, banking and insurance to name but a few. In learning cross sector approaches we have built up a wider knowledge of the planning permissions that may be required along with taking into consideration visual impairments We all also learn to read signs in different ways, many responding to symbols and icons, with others recognising colour and text. We are able to provide you with a clear and considered wayfinding and signage strategy to support your new scheme however we don’t stop there.
We have fantastic relationships with signage and media companies to bring you fresh ideas that are truly bespoke to you. We have a record of using colour changing media that moves only as you move around it, we have a record of developing road side signage that needs to be on brand but strong against the elements and we’ve created a suite of passive education signs that both inform, wayfind and retract glare for visitors.

Whilst wayfinding signage is often left very late in projects, and when budgets may already have been spent, we believe it’s important to consider as part of project funding and to have an expert on board to execute for you – leaving you to your day job!


Please don’t let this be forgotten! Wayfinding and signage is so important to the success of your project.
We can provide both Interior and Exterior strategy and design.
We can manage all of this for you, both in design, planning submissions (where required), strategy across your floor plate and in execution – leaving you to your day job.
Leaving a memorable experience for both your team and clients.