…”VIC derived from one simple principle; the need to listen.
Since founding my company, the number one priority has been to ensure that all who work with me, listen to our clients needs and aspirations and have the ability to collaborate to respond
accurately and effectively.
It is only then can we truly deliver a successful outcome that reflects our client’s DNA and we can confidently testify that we have truly understood how our client operates…”

Victoria Stares, Owner and Founder of VIC Ltd

Here at VIC we can turn our hand from simply re-designing a logo, providing a thorough and detailed workplace strategy to fully providing interior design schemes for a new workplace. We live and breathe our clients’ journeys and fully embrace their aspirations which allows us to bring many creative approaches and options.

We pride our business on working with people and clients we love.

By placing clients best interests at the forefront of everything we do, supporting in every way we can, we create projects that are seamless and truly integrated from generating a business narrative to implementing a design scheme right for them.


After spending over 10 years in the Interior & Strategic Design and Consultancy field, it became apparent that many industry professionals focus on one business area or work-stream to drive Business Change and Transformation which is very rarely the case.

Furthermore, it became frustrating for our specialists to embrace one area of delivery (such as Workplace Consulting) to solve the business need and with the market changing so rapidly, it felt the right time to establish VIC and provide an integrated service delivery that breaks the mould. Our USP is that we listen to our clients. This doesn’t always mean we agree, but it does mean that we listen and learn about you, your business and the operational support you have or may need. In learning upfront “who you are”, we can provide a tailored Consultancy service for you, with complete transparency of scope and governance.

As we have grown, we have a fantastic, hand picked team of design and strategy specialists to support your projects. Each member of the team has undergone a thorough learning of VIC and the ethos in which we live by. Whilst of course important to deliver wonderful projects for you, we are always learning from you too. Each project we are involved in, we document challenges faced and lessons learnt, therefore constantly refining our services and moving forward. It is truly important to us that you know we are honest, passionate and work with integrity at all times.

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