#1 Workplace Consultancy & The Extent of Opportunity

Quite simply, this is the start of the journey!

At VIC we believe that the Workplace Consultancy piece drives any project into the understanding of “what to do next”. We explore the options our clients have available to them, whether this is refurbishing their existing office or looking at new ways of working programmes or whether to determine “stay vs go” scenario’s. In uncovering the most suitable working solution, we can further advise on implementation and often remain with our clients to retain their workplace narrative into a reality test fit and installation.



#2 Change Management

There’s so much you could easily forget….

Change Management is a key component of any workplace project, business change or organisational change and relocation. It is often a key component that is left out projects and is realised as a requirement when often is too late to implement.

At VIC, we believe a Change Management process has the most beneficial impact and success from the very start of a Workplace Project or at Executive Board level when identifying the need the need to change. This doesn’t however mean it cannot be successful later on as a project is progressing. The key at later stages require more time spent with the division management to ensure they are on board with the change proposals and are comfortable and supportive of the change in working styles the business looking to adapt and change.

#3 Interior Design & Brand Exeprience

We offer a bespoke Interior Design solution centred around combining strategic consultancy with a range of creative services. Applying team collaboration and focusing on user experience we assist in developing a brief to supporting a finalised scheme. Our specialists deliver truly unique workplace environments that are reflective of your aspirations.

We believe the key to a successful office environment starts by taking Workplace strategy and injecting it into visual form giving you an identity that evolves from within your business. It’s through this dialogue that your interior design journey is already starting to take a visual form. Our initial early engagement, naturally forms an organic narrative which are the roots and foundation of your future built environment.

#4 Interior Design – Visualisation

Not everyone has the ability to visualise and interpret a 2D plan.

In addition with our Interior Design offering, our visualisation service is a powerful resource to reflect your aspirations to a wider network within your business. At this stage you can start to visualise the look and feel of your project and watch it come to life. AutoCad and technical drawing packages depict test fits and scenarios that are designed to determine spacial awareness, by adapting that into a A 3D model and visualisation package, this allows you to see the volume of the space, in a new way. It allows you to picture yourself within the space and how you might see yourself interacting within it.

#5 Feasibility Planning

Does your potential real estate work for you?

By understanding your business and your aspirations, its pivotal that your physical and operational functionalities of your business are assessed. We do this by amercing ourselves within your business and analysing how your current real estate functions, discovering the ‘extent of opportunity’, and testing these scenarios into physical layouts.

#6 Brand Experience

Have you ever thought about bringing your brand to life within your interior workplace?

Brand Experience is a service line that we offer to ensure your Interiors are brought to life through brand identity and the feeling of a truly reflective workplace interior. This is something that Interior Designers don’t often think about as the traditional approach is to bring character through internal structure and lighting, but we can help you take that a little bit further.

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