At VIC Ltd we offer a bespoke Interior Design solution centred around combining strategic consultancy with a range of creative services. Applying team collaboration and focusing on user experience we assist in developing a brief to supporting a finalised scheme. Our specialists deliver truly unique workplace environments that are reflective of your aspirations.

We believe the key to a successful office environment starts by taking Workplace strategy and injecting it into visual form giving you an identity that evolves from within your business. It’s through this dialogue that your interior design journey is already starting to take a visual form. Our initial early engagement, naturally forms an organic narrative which are the roots and foundation of your future built environment.

By adopting a collaborative approach we can more accurately design truly user focused environments. At this point along the journey, we have always found it a key move to celebrate this part of the process with your wider team. To be involved at a tangible stage gives a sense of being part of the bigger business picture with engagement naturally leading to a more passive business change. Its’ an opportunity to feel personally involved whilst giving a sense of belonging.

Often, interior schemes are either too sterile or over elaborated, we’re sure a few spring to mind. This comes from either, a lack of design or a lack of workplace consultancy. Through a considered design approach we believe we offer a cohesive design solution that’s highly functional and truly unique. A representation of your business and of its inhabitants.

With more flexibility around how we work and well-being criteria, it’s important now more than ever that our office environment not only functions but is a desirable place to be. Our design approach has to be enticing, emotive, timeless and full of soul, whilst leaving a lasting impression with its inhabitants and all who experience it.


Workplace strategy will drive Interior Design both in terms of occupancy and brand experience – supported either by VIC Ltd or alternatives
Already engaged? Through our workplace strategy the wheels are already in motion with early determining factors (such as test fits) already achieved. Your business transformation team are in place and forming decisions on functionality with progression into form.
We have a commercial realisation that is based around not maximising your budget but delivering a successful scheme in its entirety