Quite simply, this is the start of the journey!

At VIC Ltd we believe that the Workplace Consultancy piece drives any project into the understanding of “what to do next”. We explore the options our clients have available to them, whether this is refurbishing their existing office or looking at new ways of working programmes or whether to determine “stay vs go” scenario’s. In uncovering the most suitable working solution, we can further advise on implementation and often remain with our clients to retain their workplace narrative into a reality test fit and installation.

For years we have witnessed organisations that haven’t seen the value in working through a detailed workplace strategy, and more importantly not gained the sponsorship and endorsement to proceed with change. Our role at VIC Ltd is to provide and rationalise Real Estate efficiencies, savings, alternative suggestions to ways of working practices and operational support.

We provide the above information through a variety of tools and projection modelling, building you a business case for your next step. This can often include a Space Utilisation Study (SUS), Meeting room booking data analysis, Extent of Opportunity space modelling, file audits and test fit solutions.

By providing you all the above services, we are able to provide a conclusive recommendation to your next step.


Visually showcases how your business is operating now and provides options for consideration to create efficiencies.
Helps define longer-term breakthrough opportunities via a potential flexible, scalable and most importantly, realistic and achievable route to implementation and beyond.
We use the obtained client business intelligence to analyse and assess the ‘Extent of Opportunity’ presented by the project and variables, ensuring no area is left un-turned.