Understanding a Change Management Programme

Change Management is a key component of any workplace project, business change or organisational change and relocation. It is often a key component that is left out projects and is realised as a requirement when often is too late to implement.

At VIC Ltd, we believe a Change Management process has the most beneficial impact and success from the very start of a Workplace Project or at Executive Board level when identifying the need the need to change. This doesn’t however mean it cannot be successful later on as a project is progressing. The key at later stages require more time spent with the division management to ensure they are on board with the change proposals and are comfortable and supportive of the change in working styles the business looking to adapt and change.

We are very proud of our team and individual track record for delivering Change Management programmes that truly listen to the client, ethos of the business and identify the areas where mos restriction of change is required.

Over the last few years, we have worked across multiple industries, delivering numerous projects from Workplace Strategy, Design and Migration logistics. These projects have involved both designing and delivering bespoke change for clients, as well as using existing methodologies and tools where required. During this time, we have developed an intimate understanding of the needs of an organisation undergoing significant business change and have evolved our approach and tools to address the unique challenges met during this process (where appropriate).

We understand that the amount of Change Management required for any project can vary depending on the appetite from each client and how progressive the workplace concept proposed is. Therefore, we can tailor to each and every requirement, whether an initial Change Management programme is required, or adapting to existing models.


Your business is engaged at the earliest opportunity and therefore naturally your project becomes immediately more successful.
You learn the fundamental requirements beyond operational support.
We get to understand the DNA and Ethos of your business from the very beginning and tailor our service to suit you and your team