Does your current or potential real estate work for you?

By understanding your business and your aspirations, its pivotal that your physical and operational functionalities of your business are assessed. We do this by amercing ourselves within your business and analysing how your current real estate functions, discovering the ‘extent of opportunity’, and testing these scenarios into physical layouts.

Your people and your premises are commonly two of the most highest expenditure for your business. Our approach to feasibility studies is to explore the opportunities and test fit solutions that relate directly to our space and scenario modelling outputs, or previous workplace strategies you have undertaken.

Feasibility Studies objectively and rationally uncover the strategic strengths and weaknesses of potential real estate options. Through understanding your true requirements, we can undertake scenario options supported by workplace analysis into test fits to best establish your real estate possibilities. These studies determine how well the given options will satisfy the identified business requirements, now and in the future, and in any preferred location layout of your choice e.g existing premises or new.

Providing test-fit drawings allows for a deeper level of analysis ahead of decision making, such as stay vs go decisions or lease negotiations. Delivering test fit analysis and flexible working concepts that help to visualise ‘the extent of opportunity’ prior to future decision making.


Allows you to see your workplace consultancy scenario in a visual plan for the first time.
Visual evidence that your business requirements fit into physical, on the market real estate options
Allows you to compare scenarios versus desirable real estate prospects
Provides the ability to adjust scenario’s based on maximising the extent of opportunity.