“When you presented the visual images and comparisons at our partner engagement, that’s when the scheme really came to life for me.”

Sharon Fryer, Corporate Commercial Partner at Collyer Bristow”.

Not everyone has the ability to visualise and interpret a 2D plan.

In addition with our Interior Design offering, our visualisation service is a powerful resource to reflect your aspirations to a wider network within your business. At this stage you can start to visualise the look and feel of your project and watch it come to life. AutoCad and technical drawing packages depict test fits and scenarios that are designed to determine spacial awareness, by adapting that into a A 3D model and visualisation package, this allows you to see the volume of the space, in a new way. It allows you to picture yourself within the space and how you might see yourself interacting within it.

Our visuals are produced as concept visuals only and not photo realistic (for example fait to complete). Our visualisation allows us the ability to make variations within the design as the design detail develops. For example, the way light travels within a particular building may determine how you wish to use the building and where certain services are located.

We offer a range of visualisation options from black and white spacial ‘sketch’ models to full colour renders. Along with Interior Design it’s here that you really start to get a sense of how you space looks and how your brand is reflected through the use of materials and colour.

We’ve witnessed time and again the value of such powerful and emotive visuals. It’s that moment in the project where your dedicated project team connect with the bigger picture about your aspirations. Its where the data transfers into a recognisable and relate-able physical entity.


An opportunity to visualise your future workplace in 3D giving a greater sense of reality
Our 3D base model will allow us to change and adapt the design through our concept models in a short time frame- keeping your project on track
Engage with your wider business through powerful imagery that will help see your aspirations
Supports and aids change management